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Probate is the process of administering an estate under court supervision.   At a person’s death, all assets solely owned by that person become part of the estate.  The administration of the estate allows for clearing financial claims against the estate and for the distribution of the deceased person’s property according to that person’s will or in accordance with state law.  The first steps involve determining the extent of the estate assets and claims, safeguarding the estate assets and communicating with heirs or beneficiaries.

Probate levels or classifications are based on specific criteria in Florida Probate law. Summary administration may be available if the value of the estate is $75,000 or less or when more than two years have passed since the decedent’s death.  Formal administration is generally required for estates which do not qualify for summary administration.

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Our job is to help you take the proper steps and determine what approach to take. We will guide you through the probate process to ensure you complete the necessary legal documents efficiently. Please contact our firm to discuss your probate or trust administration questions or plans.

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Client Reviews

I hired the William McKinley Law firm to help me with a complex probate matter. Mr. McKinley helped me, an out-of-state resident, to deal with several estate properties in different counties, and was able to get my name on the deeds so that I could then sell the property. I was extremely pleased...

Robert W.

Bill helped me through a very painful business dispute. His attention to detail, avoidance of unnecessary expenses, and ability to explain complicated legal concepts in simple language were an essential lifeline. Without Bill’s help, the dispute would have ended in financial and emotional...

Mike L.

I am very grateful to Attorney William McKinley for guiding me through the probate process when my stepdad passed away in early 2022. My wife found Mr. McKinley by searching online and reading reviews. We were not disappointed. It is wonderful to find someone like William McKinley who will go the...

John and Lisa P.

We were happy with the legal representation and advice we received from Mr. McKinley and would highly recommend him.

George B.

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