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Civil Forfeiture

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The government can seize legal property related to illegal activity under certain circumstances. Federal and state law enforcement agencies seize property of various types in civil forfeiture actions, using a process provided under the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act and described by the Florida Supreme Court as having two stages, a “seizure stage” and a “forfeiture stage.”

Stage 1 – Initial seizure or restraint of the property by law enforcement and hearing to determine whether probable cause exists to believe the property was used in violation of the Forfeiture Act.

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Stage 2 – Forfeiture after a court determination that the property can be legally forfeited, requiring a determination the property was being used in violation of the Forfeiture Act.

What Can Be Seized?

Generally, law enforcement can seize any legal assets if such assets were used in the commission of a crime or which result from or can be connected to illegal activity.

What Can They Do with The Property?

After legal forfeiture, the seizing agency can keep your property for its use, sell it at public auction, or dispose of it in various ways to certain organizations.

Representation – Forfeiture Proceedings

If a law enforcement officer has wrongfully seized your legal property – money, vehicles or other assets – in a forfeiture action, you need to contact us to discuss your case.  We fight forfeiture actions in Polk County and throughout Central Florida.

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